♡ hi I'm Emaline, I have a weird obsession with pornstars and serial killers and I like poptarts , yup cool
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  • “I’m trying to stay positive, you know. There’s all this good that I wanna do, and all these things I wanna do. And then I just can’t, you know. This is getting so frustrating. I’m trapped. I feel like I don’t have anything.”

    Enlightened (via rauchwolken)

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    *eats you out as a friend*

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    a friendly reminder:
    don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

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    ur soooOoOoOooooOoO0000poOOOO RANDOM XD


    Thanks I appreciate it :————-)

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    Oh and it wasnt 'everything thats going on in your head' that make you puke, Haha. It WAS infact the 3shots of vodka and a toke on a joint. I will not hesitate to rip your fucking hair out next time i see you.


    Surprised you still remember me saying that or remember me at all in that fact. But yeah I’m pathetic and obviously put on this planet for people like you to laugh at me but honestly I’m beyond caring so hahahah ems a twat yh yh I really couldn’t give two fucks anymore

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    I want to punch you in the face so fuckkng hard that blood comes out of your eyeballs. You think it was a good idea getting on the wrong side of me? Trying to get with my ex whilst i was with him and standing right next to him? Fucking pathetic bitch


    I’d very much like you to punch me tbh so go for it idc. And I know who this is and well Elise I’m sorry If I did do that, I can’t remember doing that but knowing me it is something I would do. I don’t really wanna argue with you and bring all past shit up but yes I didn’t intend to hurt you or get on the wrong side of you but ok.

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